Saturday, March 12, 2011

Movin’ North


Thursday morning we left the beach at Playa Requeson and moved north to Ray’s Hacienda de Habana in Mulege, a place we also stayed on the way south in January. We spent the day washing the rig, then at 5pm were joined by Doug and Jill who’d driven all the way up from Los Barriles.


We got together for cocktail hour and caught up on events of the last 10 days, then went to Ray’s restaurant for another of his incredible meals. They’ve got to be the “Best of Baja”.



Friday morning the four of us got an early start, driving north 315 miles to Catavina, a big travel day for us.  We had cervezas, split up for dinner, then reconvened for a bonfire where we swapped more stories.



Saturday morning we took a hike into the hills and rocks for which Catavina is famous. 


The cactus were beautiful in the morning light.


We even spotted a hummingbird sitting on its’ nest, a unique experience for us.


Lua, Doug and Jill's black German Shepherd, has been a wonderful and well-behaved companion on our trip this year; Cathryn is threating to steal her.  Bob is happy to have her along, but not keen to add a new member to our family.

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