Monday, March 4, 2013

Periods of Sun and Warmth

Days on cruise:  295

The cold front continues, but we’re having a blast playing with friends Jim and Phebe anyway! With all the isinglass closed on the sundeck, the solar heat is nice enough to sit out back as long as the sun doesn’t hide behind the clouds.

Late morning we drove to Bahia Honda State Park about 10 miles away. There’s a nice beach on both the Gulf side and the Bay side of the island, but the air was too cold to tempt us to swim.


Phebe searched for shells, and Jim assembled his fishing rod, though the water was too shallow for real fishing. We checked out the campgrounds and rental cabins, and strolled down the beach after first hiding out in a shelter to avoid the 30 minutes of rain. We would have stayed longer if it hadn’t been so windy and cool, but still enjoyed the outing.


We had cocktail hour on the flybridge for a better view, and it was a pretty stormy looking sunset.


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