Monday, March 25, 2013

Comments And Congratulations

Days on cruise:  317

In addition to being met at the dock as we crossed our wake by Captains Chris and Alyse Caldwell, and Jerry and Janet from “Wind Song” to help us celebrate, it was great fun to receive dozens of emails, text messages, and blog comments from relatives, friends and blog readers. Samples include:

photo (55)

photo (56)

photo (57)

photo (70)

photo (71)

photo (72)

photo (73)

photo (78)

photo (67)

photo (68)

photo (69)

Many of these were from people we know and love, and just as many were from people we’ve never met who followed our journey on the blog. Repeatedly we heard that one of the reasons those folks liked to follow our blog was because we posted most days, not just occasionally. It was great fun to learn through comments and emails who some of those folks were, and why they were reading. We’re sorry we aren’t able to include here any of the text messages received on our cell.

To all: thank you for sharing our journey and enhancing it for us with your comments, questions and even emails telling us who you are and why you followed our story. For those of you who are future Loopers, we’d love to have you send us a link to your blog so we can follow your journey too.

Happy adventures to all!

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