Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Finally: Sun + Warmth in Marathon

Days on cruise:  296

When we were at home six weeks over Christmas, Bob’s sister Lynn and friend Phebe successfully dragged Cathryn to yoga classes. Now that Jim and Phebe are on board for the week, and the four of us are watching what we eat and exercising daily, Cathryn and Phebe popped the Yoga DVD (a gift from Lynn) into a laptop and had a hard workout in the marina’s Fitness Center.


Mid-day we drove to Sombrero Beach for a picnic lunch. For the first day since Jim and Phebe’s arrival, it was sunny and warm, and the water was flat in the afternoon. We walked the beach, Phebe found a few shells, and through the binoculars we watched sailboats and trawlers passing offshore.


Later in the afternoon we stopped at the two-story Tiki Hut adjacent to Keys Fisheries for appetizers of fresh tuna and clams with a waterfront view of the Bay side of the Keys.


No rest for the wicked on Next To Me, so 5:30 found us gathering on the dock with Craig and Barbara on Blue Heron whose boat had just arrived from Key West, and Mark and Allyn on Second Wind for docktails and watching the sunset.


Later yet, the 8 of us wandered next door to Lazy Days for dinner. The food was good and conversation lively. (L to R: Mark, Allyn, Barbara, Craig, Phebe, Bob, Cathryn, Jim)


Does it seem like all we do is eat and drink all day?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it does seem like all you do is eat and drink! What fun. Lynn