Thursday, March 7, 2013

One More Day in Key West

Days on cruise:  299

Ambitious-to-do-it-all and fun-loving Jim and Phebe who’ve been visiting us this week went adventuring early Wednesday morning.  Jim rose at 5:30, and after first light,  took off in our dinghy for some fishing.


An hour later he returned to collect Phebe for more dinghy exploring in the warm morning sunshine. Conditions were perfect.


At 9:30 we all piled into their rental car and drove to Key West for the day. After a quick downtown orientation walk, we headed to Garbo’s, a favorite lunch-time street vendor serving seafood burritos, discovered last year on our shake-down cruise. Half a dozen roosters roam the grounds there hoping for handouts. Anyone have a colorist who can replicate this array of gorgeous hues?


Garbo’s is a great example of fresh, cooked-to-order food delivered with astonishing efficiency.


Which of the three men enjoying the scenery in this public art piece titled “Daydreaming” is part of the sculpture and which two are Bob and Jim? Funky Key West!


Unlike our Key West stay on our boat 10 days ago, a time when we matched the median age profile very well, this week is Spring Break, so the age (and appearance and fashion sense) of folks on the street dropped by about 40 years. Key Lime hair color anyone?


Is this a sorority uniform or what?


A late afternoon stop in the shade for refreshments and people-watching on the streets was great fun.


Just before sunset we went to Mallory Square and joined the throngs of thousands to witness sunset, by which time the temperature had dropped 15-20 degrees to match the wind velocity.


Again, no green flash, but still pretty. We never tire of sunsets.


Sadly, this is Jim and Phebe’s last night with us.

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