Tuesday, August 21, 2012

South Haven, Michigan

Days on cruise:  151
Distance traveled:  23.4 miles
Travel time:  3 hours, 7 minutes
Total trip odometer:  3,146 statute miles
Though our journey for the day was short, we were awake early so pulled the anchor at Saugatuck and were underway at 7:30. This day brought the most placid water we’ve yet seen on Lake Michigan; it was almost like glass: no wind, no waves, just tiny ripples.  It was nice to see the calm lake instead of the ferocious lake.
Below is the pretty Kalamazoo River as we headed out.
And the harbor entrance into South Haven, yet another nice small town on the Michigan shore. How can one state pile up so many pretty and seemingly prosperous little towns in such a short space?
We’re in the Municipal Marina here, and there are no anchorages. The marina is less than half full. We’re not sure what this means. On arrival we found Looper friends Craig and Barbara on “Blue Heron”, folks who were our slip-mates back in Norfolk, Virginia in early May. We hadn’t seen them since then and were delighted to find them here.
The four of us immediately headed to town for lunch at a riverside pub. The weather, food and company were all excellent, and it was a happy reunion.
The juxtaposition of these two ads on one sign made us chuckle.
As the afternoon wore on, more Loopers pulled into the marina, and by cocktail hour there were 12 Loopers (six boats) in residence. We gathered in the marina lounge for cocktails, then ten of us went on to dinner together where we had excellent perch, a specialty on this part of the Lake. Our crowd included a couple from New Zealand, Ohio, Florida, Ontario and Seattle, a diverse crowd as always.

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