Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fishtown + Weather Headed This Way

Days on cruise:   133

Next door to the marina where we’re staying in Leland, Michigan is Fishtown on the Leland River. More than a century ago the commercial fishing industry was big here. Now it is much smaller, but an operating fish house remains, and all the former fish shanties have been turned into little shops, eating establishments and tiny art galleries, still in character with the original construction.


“Janice Sue” below is an authentic Great Lakes ice breaker. Lots of fishing charter boats operate out of here too.


We bought some smoked fish and “fish sausages” at the fish house (surprisingly good!), as well as bought Bob some new Chacos to replace the boating/water shoes he’s worn almost every day for six months.


There are lots of attractive boats and flowerboxes in Fishtown. It seems to be a successful summer venue, especially for such a small town.


Some of the former fish shanties are now private residences.


Drying racks for fish nets abound.


We had planned to leave Leland and continue south tomorrow, but a huge storm is forecast to hit tonight (it already battered Chicago earlier this evening) and the winds and wave heights tomorrow are projected be greater than those required for our comfortable travel.  See the Lake Michigan radar picture below.  We’re on the eastern edge of the green/yellow storm. Only orange and red colors on the radar are actually scary, we’re told; green and yellow mean it’s time to batten down the hatches. So we did!


It was hot today, almost 90, so we were happy to be in a marina where we could keep the A/C running.

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Gary said...

90? Is that all? We folks in Seattle had to suffer with 93 both days over Seafair Weekend. Having to make due entertaining ourselves with hydroplanes and Blue Angels. It's so tough living here in the Pacific NW.