Thursday, August 2, 2012

Charlevoix: Tony and Eclectic

Days on cruise:  132

We woke to heavy rain this morning, but pretty soon it gave way to sunshine, so we off-loaded the bikes to make a run to the grocery and marine stores. After lunch we went for a tour of this gorgeous place with a nice downtown full of shops, restaurants and galleries, and marinas mostly full of newer, expensive boats, both sail and motor.

Charlevoix is a town with 3,000 year-round residents which grows to  population of30,000 during the summer months due mostly to U.S. citizens from the South and Midwest who own “summer homes” here.

The Belvedere Summer Home Owner’s Association was formed in 1906 (see gates below), and the 93 homes within are huge, well-kept and up-scale, without being remotely like the ostentatious, expensive homes in parts of Florida. They are set back from the roads and often uphill to afford privacy and views of the Lake.




Many homes are partially hidden behind cypress hedges.






A different part of town includes a handful of stone homes designed by Earl Young which are whimsical and “elfish” in nature. Click on the link below to read the history.








We rode our bikes everywhere today, and it felt good to get some exercise. After being unable to run while we spent many weeks mostly at anchor in remote places with no roads or trails, Bob went for a run this morning. The forecast for tomorrow is favorable, so we expect to get underway again, though our destination is uncertain.

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