Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rockin’ and Rollin’ in Leland

Days on cruise:  135


Last night’s storm wasn’t as bad as forecast. The big winds arrived, but not the rain and hail that pummeled Chicago and was headed here. The wind veered, so did the storm, and it missed us. We slept well.


Today’s very blustery: winds 20 mph even inside the harbor, and waves 3-4 feet this morning, 4-5 feet this afternoon. Not a day for Next To Me to be on the water. Actually she would be fine; but her crew wouldn’t like it one bit. So we got in line with all the other folks on boats in the harbor who made the same decision to pay up for another night.


We took a walk on the adjacent beach and ran a couple errands, did some laundry, read our books and puttered all day. Not a bad way to spend the day actually. The forecast for tomorrow is better.


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