Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Buffalo: Our Last Michigan Town

Days on cruise:  155 and 156
Distance traveled: 27.1
Travel time: 2 hrs, 55 minutes
Total trip odometer:  3,199 statute miles
Saturday the weather forecast was perfect, so we left St. Joseph and had another smooth day on Lake Michigan, which is certainly working hard to destroy her ferocious reputation with us!
We’re at the Municipal Marina in New Buffalo and have had two days of back-to-back socializing and eating.
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Two of Cathryn’s former co-workers are from the Chicago and New Buffalo area, and though both live in Seattle now, they happen to be here, separately, on vacation! So Janey and Karen arrived on our boat Saturday afternoon for a visit. What a treat!
Janey had other dinner plans, but Karen and her next-door neighbor at the Lake Michigan house, Lindsey, joined us for dinner at nearby Casey’s for a wonderful meal, and the four of us returned to our boat afterwards for a glass of wine and further visiting on the sundeck, late into the night.
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Sunday morning Bob and Sharon on “Sno Daze” arrived at our boat. We’ve never met before, but they’re from Ohio, have their boat here, and are about to begin their Loop next week. We connected via the Great Loop website and agreed to meet for breakfast. A short walk to Rosie’s Café led to another good meal, fun conversation, and we took a tour of their beautiful 36-foot Monk trawler. We expect to see them again on the rivers south of Chicago.
radar sunday
Saturday afternoon Cathryn took off with friend Karen to see her long-time (55 years) family vacation home on Lake Michigan, sit on the beach with lemonade, and pick up some specialty food items at a nearby smoked meat shop where they had a lively chat with the owner.
Late in the afternoon the rain began, and lightning followed in the evening. The radar image above told us it was coming, moving from SW to NE over the lake.
Late afternoon Cathryn and Karen picked Bob up at the boat, brought him back to the lake house, and we made dinner, ate on the screened in porch, and talked and talked, again late into the night (for us early-to-bed folks).
Time is a funny thing in this vicinity. We’re in New Buffalo, Michigan (“C” on the map below), only 40 miles by water from Chicago (point “A”), and 10 miles from Michigan City, Indiana (point “B”).  The boundary between the Eastern Time Zone and the Central Time Zone is between New Buffalo and Michigan City, and because many or most of the visitors to this area are from the Chicago area, much of this town operates on “Chicago Time”. The restaurant where we ate Saturday night actually had two clocks on the wall.
We’ll make our lake crossing to Chicago Tuesday, weather permitting.

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