Friday, August 10, 2012

Manistee: Day 3 of . . . . ???

Days on cruise:  140

It looks like Sunday we might get away and head further south. Today was wild out on the lake (we only know this from checking various data sources on the internet, not from being out there ourselves) and tomorrow doesn’t look good either, as you see below. We remember what 8-foot waves felt like off the Jersey coast and have no interest in repeating anything similar.

friday weather

So we used today to get a bunch of business taken care of, the details of which are too boring to itemize. Instead we’ll post a few photos of this lovely town, Manistee.


Taken from the River Walk below,




The Coast Guard guys here are busy very early.


While things are wild out on the lake, this marina is so well protected we hardly rocked at all through the night, which made us happy.  We’re glad not to be at anchor though.

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