Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weather Improves; Still Cold!

Days on cruise:  219
Distance traveled: 36.5 miles
Travel time: 6 hrs, 28 mins (including 3 locks)
Total trip odometer: 4,767 statute miles
At 7:30 this morning four boats at Midway Marina simultaneously slipped their lines and headed south on the Tenn-Tom. We were the only Loopers, and the others were Noble House (a 50-foot Ocean Alexander from Michigan, piloted by a professional captain moving the boat to Fort Lauderdale), and The Thomas B (a 42-foot Nordic Tug from Florida, headed south for the winter), and Sundancer (a non-commercial  “shrimp boat” beauty). It was only a couple miles to the first lock, and they really appreciate it when recreational vessels (those of us who are not tugs pushing barges) coordinate our travel to lock through together. So we did. All day, through 3 locks.
It was 36 degrees when we started our day, but unlike yesterday, the sky was clear, blue and sunny. Woo hoo! We started off on the flybridge with gloves and jackets, but only a couple hours later were shedding layers rapidly, and eventually were in short sleeves, if not shorts and flip flops.
Earl on Noble House took and gave us the photo below of our boat in a lock.
The Tenn-Tom scenery today was pretty uniform until the last few miles.  Attractive enough, but not spectacular. Easy traveling and so nice to have sunshine again!
Later in the afternoon there were bright yellow wild flowers growing along the shore. There was also lots of debris and deadheads to dodge too.
After about six hours, and approaching the Aberdeen, Mississippi Lock, we were behind a tow with barges that meant we’d have to wait an hour or more to lock through. We were sort of tired and sort of not wanting to go on to the next marina 20 miles further, so we pulled into Blue Bluffs anchorage, previously recommended by friends Jim and Sharon on Blue Angel.
We took an afternoon walk through an adjacent campground and returned to the boat to sit on the sundeck and watch the full moon rise to the sound of owls and coyotes. We are the only boat here. Peace.

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Bob/Linda/Stokes said...

Just happened to look at your blog......caught the one about your kids....regarding second story that kid has been interested in astronomy since he was eight or so, I think it might have been after his interest in dinosaurs...