Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Reunions

Days on cruise:  211

Distance traveled: 3.8 miles

Travel time:  29 mins

Total trip odometer:  4,609 statute miles

We had a beautiful quiet night anchored at Second Creek last night. The wind died completely and the stars were out.


This morning’s sun highlighted the Fall changing of leaves.


Fellow Loopers rafted 1/2 mile away seen through the early morning steam coming off the water, just before the sun hit their spot.


We got a call from our very first Looper friends Stephen and Charlotte on Jackets II. They were coming upriver to the Rendezvous, so motored into our anchorage to get photos of each other’s boats and say hi. We haven’t seen them since we left the Benjamin Islands in the North Channel off Lake Huron (Canada) back in late July.


At noon we motored into Joe Wheeler State Park marina where we’ll spend 5 nights, 4 days, attending the Fall Rendezvous. It’s a beautiful setting with nice facilities and inexpensive moorage rates ($0.75 per foot per night).


Saturday afternoon we made the rounds of Looper boats to say hello to folks on Jackets II, One September, Blue Heron and The Zone, among others – folks we’ve really enjoyed sharing the loop with at one time or another.

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