Monday, October 8, 2012

Chattanooga II

Days on cruise:  199

We’re tied to the Chattanooga town wall at “The Bluffs”, below “The Walnut Street Walking Bridge”. Despite being right downtown, it’s pretty quiet, calm and a very nice setting. There’s only one other boat on our dock. And there are gates with combination locks at both ends of the dock, so it feels quite secure.


Last night after dinner we wandered up the bluff steps and took a walk across the Walking Bridge. It was well lit, not raining, and there were quite a few other walkers and runners. It’s about 1/2 mile each way. City lights were very pretty.


We came upon an attractive lit fountain surrounded by statues of carousel animals including horses, turtles and lions. An actual indoor carousel was nearby, but only operates during summer months.




This morning it was raining steadily, so we went to the Aquarium for an indoor experience. We have a great aquarium in Seattle, and we liked the on in Chicago quite well last month, but we must say the one in Chattanooga tops both of them! They have separate buildings for the fresh water and salt water exhibits.

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Especially great was the seahorse exhibit.



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The snowy egret was beautiful.


For lunch we had authentic Tennessee barbecue at “Sticky Fingers”; yum!

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We walked to the Bluff Art District and enjoyed lots of public sculptures and spent time inside one art gallery. Yoga anyone?


Hard to tell in this photo, but those are wings he’s holding in his hands as he takes off from the hill.  Icarus perhaps?


Our boat seen from atop the Walking Bridge.


We are all taken by surprise at how much we like Chattanooga. Shows you what we knew! Nice city!

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