Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Back To Tennessee & a Quiz

Days on cruise:  194
Distance traveled:  53.2 miles
Travel time:  7 hrs, 6 mins (including 1 lock)
Total trip odometer:  4,378 statute miles
We left Goose Pond Marina at 8:30 continuing up the river for a third day in a row of  grey, cool weather.  It’s clear that Fall has arrived!
We didn’t hear back from the guy who was to find options for our AC replacement, so we spent time on the phone today investigating other options in other places. The logistics of getting service work done while constantly on the move is one of the challenges of the Loop. Getting diagnosis, parts ordered, and labor for installation often means stopping in place for more days than planned.
The interesting views on the rivers are more subtle than those on some other parts of the Loop. It’s not like the dramatic scenery in the Georgian Bay in Canada for example, but wildlife is abundant and the trees, hills and rocks are attractive.
The fishermen on the Tennessee River always seem to be in a huge hurry to get to their favorite fishing hole. These boats are not the more basic, usually slower boats we’re accustomed to seeing on Puget Sound.
The river seems to shift from bucolic to industrial and back with each bend. Above is a coal-fired electrical generating plant.  We recently learned coal is used to produce more than 40% of electrical energy in the U.S., more than oil and natural gas combined. This helps put in perspective the controversy that swirls around coal as an energy source. We're a long way from being able to choose not to use it.
The weather improved as the day wore on. By noon we had sunshine and low 70s. Back to short pants weather!
We continue to see lots of residential funiculars providing access down the steep banks along the river.
More river views.
These people must have half a mile of driveway, all to themselves.
Here we’re pulling into Hales Bar Marina seen in the center of the photo below. The large industrial buildings on the left are the remains of a decommissioned dam and locks dating from the 1930s.
OK, here is the quiz:  Who can tell us what kind of plane this is? It buzzed us 4 times today, flying very low and fast. Bob suspects it’s a retired military plane, given that he thinks the maneuvers it was flying would not be allowed by the military in a populated area.


Mcw said...

MD T45 Goshawk


Anonymous said...

You might try Boaters+. It's an online store based in Chattanooga. They might even be able to help with suggesting someone for installation.

Jim Jolly said...

You are getting close to Columbus Air Force Base which is a flight training base for new pilots. You will several more T-37, T-38, and T1A's as you head further south down the Tombigbee Waterway!! Jolly Time