Thursday, October 4, 2012

“Kids” Still Surprise & Amuse

Days on cruise:  195

Completely unwittingly, we assume, our three adult children (ages 33, 25 and 23) regularly provide us with opportunities to laugh or shake our heads. We won’t put these missives about them in birth order, so those of you who know our family can conjure guesses as to which “kid” goes with  which story.

The First Story

Yesterday we got a text message from one suggesting we watch a certain YouTube commercial as it reminded them of us. We’re not sure whether that means we talk too much about our life on the boat, or it’s a commentary on how misunderstood this adventure of ours is by some of our friends and family members, but either way it made us laugh. Click on the link below to see the ad.

The Second Story


Another one of our kid’s interests seem to generally be grounded in fairly worldly pursuits. Yet lately we note about every tenth blog post (the kids’ blog, not ours) is a photo taken from the current Mars exploration. Where does this interest come from? This kid is not an astronomer. This strikes us as interesting and unexpected.

images (1)

The Third Story


If you read our blog yesterday, you read the Quiz we posted looking for someone to identify a fast, low-flying plane that buzzed us repeatedly on the river. To our surprise, 10 minutes after the post went up, one of our kids responded with the correct answer. We don’t have any offspring who fly planes, work in the airline industry or the military, so this came out of left field for us. 

photo (1)

Connections to these stories and our Great Loop adventure are mostly tangential, perhaps, but since we didn’t do anything interesting today, we thought it would be fun to introduce you to a tiny piece about each of our great “kids”.

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