Tuesday, May 22, 2012

South River, south of Annapolis, MD

Days on cruise:  60

Distance traveled today: 48.7 miles

Time traveled:  5 hrs, 36 mins

Total trip odometer:  1,318 statute miles

We left Solomons Island under cloudy skies and were delighted to return to the Bay 5 miles later and find glassy water and no wind, a first here on the Chesapeake Bay!


This is a huge Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) facility we passed in the Bay, surrounded by a security zone, of course.


The travel conditions were so benign that the ever-industrious Bob left Cathryn at the helm almost the entire trip so he could work on removing corrosion and polishing the stainless steel railings.


A pretty shoreside yard with a real beach and grasses.


47 miles later, we pulled into a pretty anchorage several miles up the South River, perhaps 10 miles short of Annapolis, MD.  There are only a few boats here today, though we hear the place is jam-packed from shore to shore with 50 or more at a time on summer weekends. Glad we’re here mid-week.


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