Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Other Looper Adventures

A few Loopers still well south of us found themselves caught in the very heavy wind and rainfall of Tropical Storm Beryl on the Florida and Georgia coast. The weirdest adventure we’ve yet heard about came from our Canadian friends Jim and Mimi with whom we spent a night on the hard in the Deltaville Boatyard a couple weeks ago.

Mimi texted us yesterday afternoon to say they’d just survived a TORNADO inside Lock #10 on the Erie Canal in New York!  Fortunately the water was at the lower level at the time, so their boat was below the top of the lock wall, and therefore somewhat protected, but they said it felt like being inside a wind tunnel. The boat wasn’t damaged, but the power was knocked out, so they were stuck in the lock until power was later restored and the gates could be opened.

Fortunately, Jim and Mimi are the most mellow, resilient people we’ve ever met, with great senses of humor, so they were already making jokes about their experience by the time we heard about it. Kudos to Jim and Mimi for being such great adventurers and facing this experience with good cheer!

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