Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dinner Theatre in Portsmouth, VA



Our friend Jim A (met in Marathon, FL in February) told us  one of the fun things to do in Portsmouth was go to the dinner theater. Yesterday afternoon while walking around town, we  stumbled  across “Windsong” and her owners Jerry and Janet who we met back in Savannah, GA , so had a glass of iced tea and a visit on their boat. They’d been to the dinner theatre the night before and said it was worth going.


So last night we learned what dinner theatre Portsmouth style was all about, and have mixed feelings about it. It turns out this dinner theater is cinema, not a play, which suited us just fine. We rarely go to movie theaters, usually watching movies at home instead. The Commodore Theater was built in 1945 and is art deco-style. They show first-run movies and offer inexpensive food including mostly sandwiches, pizza and fish and chips.


The reason we have mixed feelings about the evening (or at least Cathryn does) is that the movie-of-the-night was “Hunger Games”. We’re rarely connected with the world of pop culture, so didn’t even know what the story was about, though we’d seen the name in news headlines. Cathryn can only barely tolerate visual violence (not so bothered if just reading about it) and especially when it involves children. She told Bob many times that she hated the movie, but wouldn’t leave when he offered; had to actually see how it ended, rather than just hear about it from someone else.   Bob on the other hand didn’t mind the graphic violence, but really didn’t like the sophomoric plot.

So the format of movie-and-dinner was pleasant, even though Cathryn’s nachos were much more tasty than Bob’s pizza, and it’s always fun to see what “life for the locals” is like in another new town, but next time we’d do more research to make sure the movie is one we really want to see!

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