Monday, May 21, 2012

Exploring Solomons Island, MD

We spent 3 nights at anchor in the Solomons Island harbor.  The second and third days were cloudy and gray, and cooler than Bob prefers, but it only rained during the night so didn’t hamper our activities. We walked the streets, cruised the shoreline in our dinghy and walked two miles (each way) to the drugstore and grocery store.

See the re-located and restored lighthouse below? This is part of the view from our anchorage.


Lots of pretty, well-kept Victorian-era homes in this small town, complete with the required white picket fence.


Practically the entire shoreline is occupied by boat slips.


We dropped the dinghy to explore the harbor, and on our way back to our boat later, saw “The Zone” coming into the harbor. We met Ross and Laura back in Norfolk at the Great Loop Rendezvous.  They’re from New York City and are doing the Loop on their 52’ Jefferson, a boat we’ve taken to referring to as Next To Me's big sister! See her parked on the outside face dock below?


Ross and Laura invited us, as well as Bob from Kentucky, who with his dog Duncan, is doing the Loop trip solo (a courageous and adventurous man if there ever was one), to their boat for appetizers and cocktails. The sun came out late in the afternoon, so we were able to sit on the bow of their boat for an hour and a half before leaving for dinner together.  Ross and Laura, below.


Bob and Bob.


The five of us sharing a delicious meal at CD Café.


Another great stop on the Chesapeake Bay.

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