Thursday, May 24, 2012

Annapolis Inner Harbor

Let’s move to Annapolis!  OK, maybe not, as we really love where we live, but we did fall a little bit in love with this beautiful town today.

The photo below shows our boat on a mooring ball in the VERY busy Annapolis Harbor. Yesterday on arrival the mooring balls were mostly empty.  Today they’re mostly full. We attribute this to the upcoming Graduation of this year’s senior class next Tuesday, coupled with Commissioning Week AND Memorial Day weekend. There’s so much boat traffic our boat has been rocking and rolling all day in the boat wakes, coupled with a good wind. We’re ready to move into a marina tomorrow.

Someone from the Harbormaster’s office came by and suggested we move to a different mooring ball as they were inspecting the condition of all the anchors and chains holding the mooring balls and felt ours was not sufficiently sturdy.  So we moved!   There’s something about seeing the mooring ball we stayed on last night covered with a bright red “do not moor here” bag that makes you feel insecure!


This afternoon we took a ride in the dinghy to explore the harbor and adjacent waterways and found it to be a really lovely place with zillions of smaller waterways, each lined by pretty homes with attractive yards and all with boats parked on the waterfront.


These small waterways also had boats anchored out, and some better-protected mooring balls, not something we’d considered.  Maybe we’ll come in here after a couple days at the marina getting the boat watered up, cleaned, and taking care of some chores that are better done at a dock.


The yard below was literally overflowing with blossoming trees, plants and flowers – so colorful!  Can you see the roses? We doubt roses at home are blooming yet?


Every waterway is busy, with paddle-boarders (see below), small marinas, anchored boats, shore-side docks, dinghies and boat traffic.


The weather was spectacular – sunny all day with a high temp about 80, coupled with enough breeze to keep it comfortable. We like this place!

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