Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Websites on our Side-bar

Some of you may read our blog and not have a clue who the folks are whose blogs have “rated” inclusion in the list of blogs on our sidebar. We’d like to introduce them.

Aventura Paraguaya: This is our youngest daughter’s blog. She’s 20 years old and accepted an internship in Paraguay for the summer, working in micro-finance. She attends the University of Colorado where she’s double-majoring in Spanish and International Affairs. She started this blog purely for the purpose of chronicling her time in Paraguay, where she arrived yesterday.

Mackenzie and Matt: The Traveling Sullivans: This is our older daughter’s blog, 23-year-old Mackenzie. She and husband Matt live in Seattle and post to their blog mostly only when they’re traveling. They’re currently in Peru and Bolivia for a couple weeks.

The Charmed Life: This is our son’s blog, 30-year-old Ryan. He and girlfriend Jaime live in downtown Seattle, and he blogs about urban life, design and style, travels, food, social events in their life, and found” photos of interesting subjects, plus periodically on topics that fit into no other mentioned categories. He was the first in the family to begin a blog, and the rest of us followed later.

Valerie and Lance: The Chisum family: These are Mackenzie and Matt’s close friends who write a blog about their travels, life, and to keep in touch with family and friends.

Z A Photo a Day: this is the blog of a photographer Bob stumbled across and particularly admires his work. Everyone in our family is a “photographer” of sorts except Cathryn, who is known mostly for telling Bob things she thinks he ought to photograph periodically.

We note the fact that all 5 of us have blogs begs the question: WHY? Perhaps we have large egos, thinking others are interested in so much detail about our lives or thoughts. Perhaps we like to write, or view it as journaling about items of interest to us. Or . . . we’re not sure why else

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