Monday, June 14, 2010

Socialized Medicine, round 2

We’ve had a second occasion to sample the offerings of that nasty Canadian “socialized medicine” we keep hearing about in the U.S. news. Cathryn developed a minor eye infection and hoped it would clear on its own, so hasn’t been wearing contact lenses for a bit. No such luck. Yesterday on arrival in Whitehorse, we asked for directions to a walk-in clinic and learned it opened at 9am Monday. As we wanted to be on the road quickly, we arrived early this morning in hopes of being patient #1 of the day. At 8:45 a.m. Cathryn found the clinic doors open, walked in, and found Dr. Bekhit there alone, as the receptionist hadn’t arrived for the day. On seeing Cathryn enter, he greeted her, had her fill out a brief information sheet and health history, and took her into an exam room.  Ten minutes later, having paid her $60, she walked out with a prescription for Tobramycin optical drops and directions to a nearby pharmacy, where the prescription was filled in 10 minutes for $15. We’re sure Canada’s medical system has its faults, as all do, but so far based on two encounters, we’re utterly charmed by the ease, cost and quality of care we’ve received.

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