Monday, June 14, 2010

Alaska, here they come!


On our northbound journey we often drove many miles between sightings of other vehicles and stayed in campgrounds which were relatively empty. Since we left the Kenai Peninsula 4 days ago, we’ve noticed a sharp up-tick in the number of RVs on the road and campers in the campgrounds. Last night was the strongest indicator yet that the summer migration of folks headed to Alaska has begun in earnest. Two weeks ago we stayed at the Hi Country RV Camp just outside Whitehorse, a large place with more than 100 sites which was perhaps 20% full.  Last night we stayed there again and found it more than 90% full. Today on the Alaska Highway there’s a steady stream of pickup trucks with campers, motor homes, and trucks pulling trailers all headed north, as we head south. Our friend Gene (the camp host at Deep Creek Beach) had told us we’d be traveling on the “shoulders” of the primary summer season of travelers, and would encounter smaller crowds as a result. The last few days confirms the accuracy of that statement as the highway now looks like a river during salmon-spawning season, only in this case the fish are RVs!

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