Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chainsaw Carving and Horses

Chetwynd, where we spent last night, calls itself the “Chainsaw Capital of the World”.  And for good reason perhaps.  Chetwynd is not a large city, or town, but it appears to have as many chainsaw sculptures as residents. Maybe more. We had no idea just how creative and interesting chainsaw carvings could be!  Check out the display at the southern entrance into the town. Then imagine the rest of the town with scatterings of sculptures, as well as many individual homes displaying their own carving.



“The Horse” (that would be us) is now galloping back to the barn.  We’re on our way to Penticton where we’ll visit friends, then cross the border back into the U.S. the following morning, then to our home4-5 hours later.  We’ve loved this trip, and we’re eager to return to our own bed, bathroom and home, and looking forward to re-connecting with family and friends.  What a journey . . . a little under 8,000 miles in one month plus one day!

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