Friday, June 11, 2010

Back at Tok AK


We’re back in Tok, Alaska, less than two weeks after entering the mainland (there must be a term for the main body of Alaska that doesn’t include the panhandle of “Southeast”, but we don’t know what it is). We’re moving faster than we thought we would for a couple of reasons. One, Bob’s back continues to bother him a bit, and as a result we haven’t been able to do the hiking and kayaking we’d intended to fill our “no drive” days with, and second we’ve had some personal reasons to want to get back to Seattle a week or so earlier than we’d planned when we left home. We’ve been moving quickly, but have gone everywhere on the itinerary, and even added a few stops. The cooler, wetter weather since we’ve been on the mainland also contributed to our moving right along. We always intended this to be our “survey trip”, much like we thought of our first trip to Baja, and we’ve accomplished our objective. Now if anyone ever asks for an opinion on whether they should go to Alaska, or where they should go, they will get an ear full!


Bob hasn’t decided if he can handle another visit to Fast Eddy’s in Tok for another Musher Omelette tomorrow. He thinks we should go and split one; Cathryn’s thinking she’ll go for a run instead.

By the way, during the winter it gets to 80 degrees BELOW O here in Tok.

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