Saturday, August 17, 2013

Thetis Island–Chemainus

Days in cruise: 6

After a quiet night followed by a morning jog, we left Always Ahead at Thetis Island Marina, walked 15 minutes to the ferry landing, and boarded the small BC Ferry bound for Chemainus on the eastern shore of Vancouver Island.

We spent a day at Chemainus three years ago, and enjoyed wandering the town and looking at the historic murals again. See the post from that trip if interested in details and photos (LINKL


Paddlewheel Park is a shady cool spot with dense, huge cedar and fir trees.


There are lots of tourists in the tiny town of Chemainus this time of year, including the young woman below who danced and posed on the sidewalk for 10 minutes while another man and woman took photos of her.


At 5:00 we walked to the Chemainus Health Center to meet long-time friends George and Marlene who we hadn’t seen in two years. Marlene has health problems, so now lives in the health care facility, while George bought a new house a few blocks away and visits her several times daily. After a couple hours with both of them, Marlene headed for bed while we went out to dinner with George. It was great to be back in touch after our long time away during our Great Loop trip.

The ferry ride back to Thetis was at 9:00, so our walk back to the boat from the ferry landing would have been n pitch dark were it not for the 3/4 moon providing filtered light through the dense forest of the island.

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