Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sucia Island

Days on cruise:  2

Distance traveled:  20.3 miles

Travel Time:  1 hour, 41 minutes

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Nice to have a slow start this morning. After sleeping a bit late for us, going for a jog (or must we call it a shuffle when the terrain is so hilly we move even more slowly than usual?) and taking showers at the marina, we took off close to noon, heading north to one of our all-time favorite stops: Sucia Island.  It’s one of the furthest northern islands still in the United States before crossing to the Canadian Gulf Islands.


Sucia (pronounced Soo-sha) is uninhabited, and owned by the State of Washington as a result of numerous boating organizations (including Bremerton Power Squadron to which we belong) purchasing the island in 1960 and donating it to the State for perpetual use by boaters. There are two docks and 20 or so mooring balls in the most popular, narrow and shallow cove, called Fossil Bay.  We hoped to nab a mooring ball, but all were occupied, so we’re at the dock instead as there’s little room for anchoring given the narrowness of the cove and big tidal swings.


So we’ve had a lazy day taking a nap, reading books, going on a short walk and chatting briefly with fellow boaters. Life is good.

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