Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada

Distance traveled: 17.8 miles

Travel time:  1 hour, 40 minutes

Today dawned cloudy and calm, so we took off from Sucia Island and headed west, crossing the border into Canada. It was a short trip, and on arrival at Bedwell Harbor we cleared Canadian Customs without any problem.

photo (9)-001

Despite the clouds, the views were spectacular. This is Mt. Baker, a volcano in Washington state, standing 10,781 feet above sea level.


We arrived at Poet’s Cove in Bedwell Harbor on South Pender Island, a very busy Canadian Customs stop seen in the foreground, with Poet’s Cove Marina in the background.


A walk uphill to see what we could find introduced us to “Car Stops”, sort of like bus stops, except there aren’t any buses on this remote island that you can only get to by ferry or private boat. How nice is that, local residents willing to give you a ride from designated “car stops” to other places on the island, all for free? Sweet!


Here we are coming into our slip at the marina, with a huge cliff to our left, rocks underwater nearby, clearly visible, and little room to turn the boat. Our docking wasn’t pretty despite the lack of wind or current, but we made it. Made us miss our more maneuverable twin engines on “Next To Me”.


This is a lively, pretty place with lots of families staying at the adjacent condos, but quiet because it’s small.

We cooked halibut and edamame for dinner on board.

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