Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cruising again: San Juan Islands + beyond

Distance traveled:  101 miles

Travel time:  6 hours, 43 minutes


We’re behind on blogging and need to catch up by reporting on our youngest daughter Adrienne’s marriage to Justin (above and below) last weekend, a beautiful and fun event! But that will have to wait until we return home as our photos need more work.


Yesterday we left for our 7th annual boat trip to the San Juan islands. The first day out, which usually includes a 20-mile open water crossing of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, is usually contingent on the weather forecast, as this 26-foot boat, with this crew, doesn’t do well in seas over 2 feet with winds over 15 knots.

photo (8)

NOAA was forecasting winds 10-20 knots and seas 2-4 feet, subsiding later to 1-3 feet. So we headed up the east side of Whidbey Island intending to go through the Swinomish Channel instead of crossing the Strait. It was overcast but calm on departure.


Four hours later on arrival at the Deception Pass Marina where we bought gas and were again awed by the beauty of this place (where we went on one of our early dates 29 years ago), the conditions were so calm we decided to skip the Swinomish Channel, head through Deception Pass and go straight to Friday Harbor.


We saw dozens of Dall’s porpoises and seals, and lots of gorgeous boats, but no whales for the day.


We’d brought 2 dungeness crabs from our freezer at home, so that was dinner on the dock, followed by an evening conversation with another couple from Edmonds who are up here for the week.

Clearly we’re out of practice in packing well for trips such as this: we forgot bath towels, pillows and our SPOT device! We found bath towels at the Friday Harbor drug store but had to improvise on pillows.

We’re happy and well, planning to head to Sucia Island today, then into Canada the next day.

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