Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tarpon Springs, “The Day After”

Days on cruise:  246
We forgot to mention that yesterday, the day we completed our momentous Gulf Crossing, was also the one-year anniversary of the day we bought “Next To Me” in Stuart, Florida.  My, what a fabulous year it has been adventuring on such interesting waters! 
We slept like logs for 9 hours last night and feel happy and renewed today.
Tarpon Springs is the “Sponge Capitol of the World”, and a city with a very large population of Greek immigrants who brought their expertise in sponge diving with them.
The canals along the Anclote River where Tarpon Springs sits are full of commercial boats today, still engaged in the industry.



Lots of shops sell sea-related gifts and trinkets, especially sponges. But after taking something like 50 pictures today,we discover we have exactly zero pictures of sponges.
What do you think of this Captain’s hat?  After a year on the boat her skills have risen to the position but somehow…. Anyway, she didn’t buy it, but she did buy a purse.
Hellas Bakery sells gorgeous pastries of all kinds. They look as much like art as food. Baklava is featured, of course.
After walking the streets of downtown for a few hours, we bellied up to the bar at Rusty Bellies and had a beer while watching the boat traffic go by.
If you’re interested in different perspectives on our recent Gulf Crossing, here are the write-ups from two Loopers who accompanied us; click on the links below:
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At 5:00 this afternoon 21 Loopers gathered for cocktail hour in the Tiki Hut, and an hour later, 19 of us left for Hellas for dinner, Greek food of course.  We were seated at two adjacent tables for ten and had a lively, sweet Greek woman and man wait on us and contribute to a wonderful evening with very good food, not very expensive. Ever had flaming cheese before, an appetizer???

Despite catching up on sleep last night, we’re still tired and expect to hit the sack early tonight. Everyone here is SO happy and relieved to have the big Gulf Crossing behind us!


Gary said...

So instead of the Captain's hat you opted for Purser instead?

Ocean Breeze said...

Hope you have Caladesi State Park on your itinerary. I came away with so many shells, I've used them in vases and picture frames both in Ohio and here in Cape Coral.