Monday, January 28, 2013

Last Day in St. Pete

Days on cruise:  260

Again, we planned to leave St. Petersburg on Sunday, but got text messages from Looper friends Stephen and Charlotte on “Jackets II” Saturday afternoon saying they were leaving Caladesi Island and coming into St. Pete. They were the first Loopers we ever met, and we haven’t seen them since October on the Tennessee River, so we stayed another day.

Most of our day was spent in the parks and waterfront sidewalks enjoying the scenery. As in most of Florida, there are large, often-but-not-always attractive homes and beautiful neighborhoods.


This right-next-to-downtown beach is reminiscent of Alki Beach back home in Seattle, except the water is 20+ degrees warmer, and the air temp is only similar in July. It hit 78 degrees here in St. Pete today. These were two person volleyball teams competing, and they were good! Another scenic attraction.


It’s not really clear in the photo, but this guy had 3 colorful parrots sitting on his shoulders, and a t-shirt with a parrot face, maybe hoping he could blend in?


How hard could it be to live in a place like this?


Dinner Sunday night with (L to R) Joy and Bill from “Proud Lady” and Charlotte and Stephen from “Jackets II” was outside at sidewalk tables, and downtown was still hopping.


We’ve enjoyed Bill and Joy’s company here in St. Pete and were happy to see Stephen and Charlotte again. Since Jackets is staying here another week while daughter #4 visits, and then going to the Bahamas, we’re not sure we’ll see them again on the Loop.

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