Friday, January 11, 2013

Ready, Set, Go!

Days on cruise:  244

We woke Friday at 4:30 am with Visions of Gulf Crossings dancing in our heads. After coffee and checking our seven websites, the journey looks like a Go. 


11:00  saw 16 of us meeting in the Commons to confirm final details, discuss  route, weather, speed and 3:00 meeting place on the water. Boats are filling their fuel tanks, getting black water tanks pumped out, and paying their final bills here at the marina. Men are plotting courses on their Chartplotters and women are preparing food and drinks to last all night. Nothing gender-stereotyped about our roles here, huh? Everyone is excited for the journey to begin, and we’re sure we’ll be equally excited for it to end about this time tomorrow.

Much more quickly for us than some folks who have been here two weeks, we’re saying goodbye to Carabelle.

Our dinner spot last night, “Fisherman’s Wife”


The smallest police station in the world (reportedly), it’s just a pay phone!


Harry’s Bar, which also has the only Package Store in back.


Bike rack, Carabelle-style.


Ubiquitous herons and pelicans


So we’re signing off until tomorrow, though we’ll send a SPOT satellite message to the blog to document our location, perhaps in the middle of the Gulf, but certainly on arrival at Tarpon Springs.  Thanks so much for all the kind messages of support and good wishes from family and friends!

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Ocean Breeze said...

Fingers crossed and hopeful your next post is from that wonderful Greek community ;-)