Thursday, January 10, 2013

Decision Time

Days on cruise:  243

Distance traveled:  500 feet

Travel time:  10 minutes round trip to the fuel dock and back to our slip

Total trip odometer:  same as yesterday

We’re getting a bit goofy with the circumstances and decision-making process regarding Go/No-Go for the Gulf Crossing, and we’ve only been here 2 days and 1 night! There are folks who have been waiting 13 days for a suitable weather window to open, making it safe to proceed with the 170 mile, 50-miles offshore crossing of the Gulf of Mexico.

P1030234This morning crew from 6 boats met to discuss the data. We’re tracking 7 different websites or data sources to evaluate weather and conditions (wind and wave height primarily) leading to a decision whether it’s safe to go. At the end of today’s meeting, six boats decided to cross together, beginning at 3:00 pm Friday, doing an overnight crossing at 10 mph. Discussion of all the “why?” is in a post two days  ago if you missed it.


So we spent the rest of the day doing chores in preparation for tomorrow’s departure. Two more boats arrived in Carabelle this afternoon and decided to join the parade, so we’re now up to 8 boats! Cocktails with 16 people, followed by dinner at “Fisherman’s Wife” for 8 of us, and now the weather forecast is beginning to deteriorate a little.


So . . . we have another meeting at 11:00 tomorrow to reaffirm or change the decision on Go/No-Go! We want to go but won’t be foolish. Stay tuned!

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