Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ups and Downs of Life on the Loop

Days on cruise:  230

After returning from Selma yesterday we had a fabulous dinner at The Gumbo Shack here in Fairhope. Generous, delicious portions of gumbo (Cathryn) and jambalaya (Bob) combined with a fun atmosphere to make it a good evening.

This morning we drove the marina’s courtesy car to Point Clear at the southern end of Fairhope. It offers beautiful scenery with great views of Mobile Bay, and at the end is the Marriott Hotel where we sat and had lunch on the boardwalk.

Recently we heard from Looper friends we first met in Michigan, then saw again in Kentucky. We agreed to meet in Mobile this Friday. They’re now at Bobby’s Fish Camp, 100+ miles north, where we were a week ago. They developed an engine problem yesterday that someone is working on, but are concerned about traveling the next two days down the river in case of further problems. The area is SO remote and unpopulated with no marinas, so requires an overnight anchorage on the way south. They have AT&T phone service which works hardly anywhere in that stretch.

So we’ve rented a car and are headed to Bobby’s Fish Camp to spend tonight on their boat. Tomorrow morning Cathryn will drive our rental car back to Fairhope, while Bob stays on the boat to journey down the river with them. He can supply his Verizon phone if needed to call for a tow, and great problem-solving skills (Cathryn’s phrase, not his).

More on this story later we suspect.

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Anonymous said...

Congatulations on a major milestone.You must be so proud of yourself. Elaine and I met you on your boat at Joe Wheeler.. When asked if you were nervous in learning how to operate such a big boat you commented that you cried the first 7 times. The next 12 times you wanted to cry but fought back the tears. Look at you now!!!!Single handling the boat. This is an amazing personal acheivement. Good for you.
Jim and Elaine
London, Ontario