Thursday, November 1, 2012

Family Visitors

Days on cruise:  223

Cathryn’s cute l’il sis Susan and her husband Bob (yes, they both married Bobs) are huge Texas A&M football fans. They have season tickets and wanted to attend 3 away games against Auburn, Mississippi State and U of Alabama, three consecutive weekends in a row and in close geographic proximity to one another. And guess what? We’re close to all those places!

Today Susan and Bob drove 2.5 hours to Demopolis to spend the day with us on our boat.




They hadn’t seen Next To Me before so we gave them a tour, ate lunch on the sundeck . . . .


. . . and wandered around the marina looking at other boats (during which time Cathryn and Susan both got text messages from third sister Anne in Houston telling us her daughter Kate was accepted by Teach for America to a position in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. See Susan and Cathryn below both texting back to Anne simultaneously LOL!)


Note a couple photos above that Susan and Bob brought their 8-year-old yellow lab Tanner aboard too, and he spent the day acting mellow but not quite “at home” on the boat.


We had a great visit, lots of laughs, and it was wonderful to catch up with each other again. They left shortly before dark to return to the house on a lake they’ve rented for time between the games.

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