Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Departure Prep

Days on cruise:  235
Up on the flybridge we have a full enclosure made of a canvas bimini with clear plastic windows that zip open and can be rolled up in warm weather. In the past month it’s been cold at times, so we’ve often traveled with all the plastic windows zipped closed. The front windshield window had developed a small tear at the bottom, and some scratches that left visibility less than ideal. Island Canvas a mile away said they could replace that piece for us, and up-grade it to Strataglass which is more expensive, but much more scratch-resistant.
We set our clock for 6 am today, borrowed the marina’s courtesy car, and showed up at Island Canvas at 7:15 to drop off the canvas piece. Five hours later Eric arrived to re-install the newly sew- in windshield, zipper it into place, and give us a few instructions about letting it “set” for a few days before we roll it up. The new windshield looks great, and we’re glad to check that item off the list, and it only cost HALF a “boat buck” – what a deal, eh?
The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, packing, confirming final arrangements for additional repairs to be made while we’re gone, and leave the Boatyard with a key to Next To Me so they can get in and do the work.
We wandered next door to Turner Marine where Looper friends Henning, Joanne and Erik are staying on their sailboat. They’re happy to have their mast stepped and expect to leave in the next few days to make their Gulf crossing. We’ll also say farewell to good friend Ross and Laura on The Zone, and Carolyn and Susan on Sojourner when we take off in the morning. We hope to see all of them again.

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