Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fairhope, Alabama

Days on cruise:  227

This town could accurately be labeled “The City of Flowers”. Along with crew from Toucan (Rick and Diane) and Alacrity (Craig and Barbara), we took a courtesy van into town for the afternoon. It’s a small town, and we walked the six-by-four block downtown area. There are flowers everywhere!

Even the trash cans on every block are topped with flowers.


As are all four corners at every intersection.


We’re told the flowers are changed out seasonally. We found a combination bookstore and coffee shop and spent some time browsing and even buying a couple of books.


This town is a real artist’s haven, and there are lots of galleries and shops selling local offerings.

We’re enjoying our stay at Eastern Shore Marina, a “nice but nothing fancy” place with very friendly staff. Our only real complaint is there seems to be no protection from the weather on Mobile Bay, and our boat rocks and rolls non-stop, especially at night. One dock line suffered last night, chafing more than we’ve ever experienced anywhere.


Rick and Diane on Toucan invited us, along with Craig and Barbara from Alacrity, to have cocktails and dinner on their pretty DeFever, as it was raining outside. The men barbecued outside anyway, we ate inside, and had a nice evening. For the first time on this trip, an interesting, completely civil, and lively political discussion ensued. The D’s and the R’s were all cogent in making their points, and listened respectfully to each other.  We’d like to think our country could move forward in such an intelligent and respectful manner, no matter the outcome tonight.

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