Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mechanics of Life: Part 4

For the first time, we’re in a campground with no shower facilities of any kind. We went for a run this morning, so got sweaty and smelly (though the air is so dry here, not as sweaty as at home). When we returned to the campsite, we needed to bathe. Though the outside air temperature was about 60 degrees and sunny, the wind was blowing fairly ferociously. Cathryn decided she couldn’t imagine standing naked or in a bathing suit beside the Chalet in the wind while using our outside shower, and didn’t want to bother putting up the shower tent, so she took a sponge bath inside the Chalet using soap and hot water from the sink (we have a 6-gallon hot water tank). This made her feel like a weenie. Bob, however, braved the wind and used the outside shower. He found it entirely satisfactory other than the fitting in which you affix the shower head is too low for his height, so he had to bend over quite far to wash his hair. Secondly, until now we have filled our water tanks with water from the U.S., most recently in San Diego. This water suffices for drinking water as well as dish washing, coffee making, brushing teeth, etc. Now we have used up our “city” water and have converted to Mexican water, which is not suitable for drinking, only showering and hand washing. We decided to boil the water for washing dishes, and twice boiled water for coffee, and hope that works without making us ill. We’ve been taking acidophilus pills daily, as recommended by our dear Beaver Lake friend Cathy Morgan, and hope that will also protect us from a visitation from Montezuma’s Revenge. Other then Cathryn continuing to miss the comforts of a “real bathroom” we’re finding the Chalet to be entirely satisfactory.

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