Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Driving the northern California coast

Last night got to 35 degrees at Elk Prarie campground (where we actually had a herd of elk walk right by our car) but the Chalet heater kept us comfortable. My only complaint is the long walk to the cold campground bathroom -- I think we'll miss our attached, warm bathroom at home! The drive along the coast today from just south of Crescent City to Mendocino was spectacular, including the Avenue of the Giants, 32 miles winding through enormous Redwoods, then along the coastline with high bluffs, lots of offshore rock formations, fog hugging the shore, giant sand dunes and sturdy, wind-blown trees that lean inland. It's easy to fantasize about living in a place like this. We're now at an internet cafe in Mendocino eating clam chowder and catching up with news and home. Headed south, not sure where we'll stay tonight.

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