Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lund and Blind Channel

Last night in Lund was mostly for chores, including groceries, buying fuel and filling the water tanks, but we also celebrated the end of our first week with dinner at the Lund Hotel where their signature curried mussels were fantastic.

We cast off at 7:45am today to time our arrival at 3 consecutive tidal rapids, Yuculta, Gillard and Dent, all of which can be dangerous at the wrong time, but easy at or near slack. In the middle of Gillard our first whale of the season made a showing, a Minke, but the eddies were pulling us around enough there was no time to grab a camera. 

Mid-afternoon we pulled into Blind Channel for the evening, awaiting slack tide at two more tidal rapids tomorrow, the "back route" through The Broughton Islands Archipelago that mostly allows you to avoid Johnstone Strait which gets rough most days.

Here at Blind Channel there's one full-time live-aboard boater who grows an entire fruit and vegetable garden, including apple trees and corn, aboard her vessel!

We're happy and well. Grey skies haven't produced much rain or wind or waves, so travel has been easy so far.

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