Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cape Caution

Alarm sounding at 5am, we found fog so thick we couldn't see "RePhyl" anchored 100 feet away. We talked on the VHF and decided to travel the 2 miles out of the Harbour and see if it cleared. 

Since our radar wouldn't spin up, "RePhyl" took the lead. For two hours we followed them as closely as we safely could, sometimes losing sight of them and steering to stay between the lines of their wake. We connected often via VHF.

Finally the fog lifted, ocean swells grew and we were able to steer our nearby but separate paths around the Cape and into Fitzhugh Sound. Felt good to get out of those huge swells!

Turning left (west) at Kwakusha Channel into Calvert Island brought us back to the scene of last summer's boating accident. We held hands and shared memories.

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