Friday, June 26, 2015

Two More Great Days

Day 1:  Stuart Island anchorage in Reid Harbor, distance 12.7 miles

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After a good night's sleep for all 4 of us, we pulled our anchors and made the short, easy trip to Deer Harbor Marina on Orcas Island. We saw our first clouds, and the sunny skies gave way to cloudy, but flat, calm conditions.

Fittingly, shortly after we tied up at the marina, a Seaplane landed, painted to look like an Orca Whale. Cute! 

Afternoon filled with work (Bob S), laundry (Cathryn), minor boat project (Bob W) and dealing with business stuff at home (Susan) before walking up the hill 1/2 mile to dinner at the Deer Harbor Inn and Restaurant, where the food was fantastic, view excellent, and weather perfect. Starting to sound redundant, huh?

Day 2:  Deer Harbor to Fisharman's Bay anchorage, Lopez Island
Distance:  13.2 miles

Thursday morning the Shaffer crew on "Allure" took the lead in navigating us from Deer Harbor to Fisherman's Bay on Lopez Island. Flawless execution!

They even did everything properly when an enormous Washington State ferry appeared in narrow Harney Passage just after Crane Island, not a location of a usual ferry route.

Both boats dropped anchors, about 100 feet apart, and off we went in our dinghies to explore the tiny village on Lopez, where we had lunch and poked our heads into shops and galleries.

Our last dinner onboard was halibut eaten on the aft deck cabin in the sunshine. 

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