Friday, June 19, 2015

The 2015 Adventure Begins!

Distance traveled: 57.3 miles

Cathryn's l'il sister Susan and her husband Bob (first pic below) flew in from Texas yesterday to charter a boat and spend a week with us in the San Juan Islands. They have lots of boating experience, but none on boats of this kind, so this morning we spent several hours on our boat in Gig Harbor going over some pointers. They already know more than they thought they did and were quick studies on the rest. After lunch together at The Tides, Susan and Bob took off to visit Bob's father in Tacoma, and Cathryn and Bob headed north on "Next To Me".

As we passed our own neighborhood headed north, friends Josi and George waved at us from the beach and sent us the photo below. Bob's sister Lynn and brother-in-law David also waved at us and took photos from their deck as we passed two miles further along.

Downtown Seattle looking good in the distance.

The 145-foot recreational vessel "After Eight" below is not a common sighting in Puget Sound. It hails from the United Kingdom, is 148 feet and weighs 67 tons (data derived from Marine Traffic website). We saw hordes of boats like this near Fort Lauderdale and Miami, so Bob suspects this one escaped from there.
We're happily anchored in Port Ludlow in 50 feet of calm water. 

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