Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tlacolula Market

Sunday we took a taxi to the Colectivo Station, a form of shared-ride taxi in small, old cars. The price, 20 pesos (about $1.50) per person, is based on 5 passengers and traveling non-stop to a common destination. Bob always sits in the front with the driver because he has more leg room and David, Lynn and Cathryn fit better in the back seat. This time a 5th passenger, a young Mexican woman, jumped in beside Bob, and he ended up squished in the middle front seat on the bump.
The Sunday Market at Tlacolula is enormous, sells everything from food to clothes, furniture and animals, and we spent 4 hours wandering and eating. The first photo is not a joke: a device to contain a chicken while you remove its' head. The second photo shows double-yoked "trees" to pair and guide oxen while plowing, and the third a typical vegetable stand. The last photo shows two indigenous women (there are 16 indigenous populations in the State of Oaxaca) in traditional attire, something the women still routinely wear today.

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