Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido

The alarm sounded at 4:30am, and an hour later Juan the taxi driver whisked us off to the Oaxaca airport where we boarded a 14-passenger prop plane, an Aero Tucan Flight. We traveled across the Central Valley, over the mountains ringing the city, through the sunrise and a mountain pass and the clouds to the south, finally coming to rest on the tarmac at the tiny Puerto Escondido airport on the Pacific Ocean, 45 minutes later. Another 10-minute taxi ride, then we alit at Quinta Lili where we have 2 of the 5 available rooms for the next 3 nights. This beautiful place is run by a bi-lingual Mexican woman who was an electrical engineer in Mexico City for 10 years, then moved to Puerto Escondido to help her parents run their two lovely B&Bs. It's hotter and humid here, so we're reading books in the shade, jumping into the swimming pool to cool off every hour.

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