Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Play Day in Campbellford

Days on cruise:  96


After a quiet Tuesday night on the Waterway wall, we woke to cool, calm, blue skies and plans to play for the day.  Mr. Turner, owner of the ESSO station where we bought fuel and spent the night on his wall, agreed to let us stay another night, as long as we’d pay $5.00 in order to use hydro (electricity) for a second night. What a deal!  Mr. Turner’s grandfather established this station in 1925, and the current Mr. Turner is a few years older than Bob, we’d guess, a very nice man.


We packed a picnic lunch and took off for a 5-kilometer loop hike around the Rotary-Centennial Trail, whichtravel from downtown Campbellford to the Suspension Bridge which crosses the Trent River near flight locks #11 and #12 through which we traveled yesterday, and is adjacent to the hydroelectric plant.


It’s a pretty hike through land which was privately owned for several generations, now jointly maintained and managed by a “Friends of . . .” group and the parks system. There are well-maintained gravel paths, lots of trees, many with interpretive labels, benches and occasional picnic tables.


On our way back to the boat we made stops at the local Farmer’s Market, and two local “must see” businesses: The Butter Tart Factory and The World’s Finest Chocolate Factory.  Naturally, we had to support the local economy by making small purchases at each stop.


There have been several stories of young mischief-makers along the Trent-Severn Waterway who occasionally get their jollies by untying boats in the middle of the night, setting them adrift while their occupants sleep. We guess this stems from small-town boredom, but in any case, we don’t wish to be victims of such pranks, so Bob used  thin steel cables and locks in two locations to secure our boat to the waterway railing.


We know this won’t stop folks truly intent on making trouble, but at least those without wire cutters  handy will be deterred from making us their target.  Any of you Looper Wannabes who are reading this, be sure and put a heavy duty bicycle chain lock or similar on your Pack List! We had no trouble last night.

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