Monday, June 11, 2012

Moving up the Hudson River, NY

Days on cruise:  81

Distance traveled: 40.3 miles

Travel time: 4 hrs, 36 mins

Total Trip Odometer:  1,814 statute miles

All the other Loopers we socialized with last night left the Kingston City Marina before we were even out of bed. We quit setting alarm clocks when we retired 5 years ago, except when we need to do so to catch an airplane, so we don’t do well traveling with a pack of folks who like to start early. It was 8:30 after coffee and a run for Bob, before we slipped our lines and headed north again.

The Hudson River was more feisty today, with winds blowing steadily 10-15 knots and gusts over 20. There were actually whitecaps on the river, and the boat did a good bit of wallowing as the wind was often out of the south south east.

The scenery remained pretty and mostly rural with occasional small towns, trains running regularly and not much else.


Lighthouses are ever present, and day markers continue to guide us through and around unexpected sand bars and shoals.


Homes are almost universally on large tracts of land.


The wind was strong enough that this guy zipped rapidly across the river in front of us 3 or 4 times before finally going aft and jumping our wake.



Relatively early in the afternoon we came upon a somewhat rare good anchorage in the Hudson River, so decided to call it a day. We’re anchored behind Houghtailing Island about 15 miles south of Albany in 9-13 feet of water (depending on the tide) with continuing high-ish winds, 15-20 mph, but our holding has been secure for 6 hours, so we expect to sleep well tonight.  It’s nice to be back on the hook after so many nights at a marina.


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