Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not All Parts of Travel Are Scenic

Those of you who travel in RVs know the reason we do it is not the fabulous RV parks along the way. We much prefer local, state or national park campgrounds, or boon docking locations for their privacy and scenic qualities, but because we suffer from severe IAD, we end up staying in RV parks about half the time. What’s IAD? Internet Addiction Disorder, of course! When we change phone plans this summer we’ll probably get at least one smart phone to use as a tether for our laptops to give us internet access without being dependent on someone else’s signal. These two-year contracts with cell phone providers just don’t acknowledge that the technology changes so fast you can’t keep the same system and technology for that length of time. But in the mean time, here we are.


Our camping book says this RV park is the best in Watson Lake, because it at least has trees around the edge, and it’s located across the street from the “Sign Forest” (more on this later, and the Yukon Territory visitor center, two of the must sees while here.) As you can see it is nothing more than a gravel lot. It does have full hook ups including laundry, which we needed, and internet which we HAD to have. It was fine for an overnight but …..

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