Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day in Skagway

So far Alaska is certainly defying our expectations weather-wise. We keep getting emails from folks back home near Seattle complaining about the cool temperatures and rain. We were told by experienced Alaska travelers not to bother bringing more than one pair of shorts as we wouldn’t need them at all, most likely. And all the Alaska tour books advise “dressing in layers and bringing rain gear”. Well, yesterday on arrival in Skagway it was sunny and 72 degrees. Today it was sunny and 83! Yes, Bob wore his one pair of shorts, and Cathryn wore capris and flip-flops, both in short-sleeved t-shirts for walking around town. We sat on a bench adjacent to the harbor for more than an hour people-watching and enjoying the majestic mountain scenery. Cathryn got a faint sunburn on her nose and chest. We brought loads of mosquito repellent which we haven’t used yet. And not much sunscreen which we should have used today. The forecast calls for more of the same. What month is it, and what state are we in????

Cathryn went for a run through beautiful scenery this morning, and Bob attended a National Park Services ranger presentation which turned out to be on a different topic than advertised, so was disappointing to him. We’ve enjoyed our time in Skagway and move on to Juneau tomorrow, by boat.

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